Guilty as charged - I am a sucker for a good drink with a view to match. So wherever I go, I am naturally on a mission to find at least one fine rooftop bar. Everything is better with a scenic view, isn't it? Throw some serious sunset vibes into the mix, and you might have me falling in love. It is a rare occurrence though that all the three fall into place, but I try. Here are some of the rooftop venues I have visited over the past couple of years that you might be interested in as well:

Netherlands >> Amsterdam SkyLounge | DoubleTree Hilton

My favourite city in the whole wide world, unfortunately, does not have many tall buildings that would be suitable for a good rooftop bar. Located next to the central station, SkyLounge is a lucky exception, and it gets some of the best views of Amsterdam that are worth checking out in daylight and at night. Come here for a quick beer (if you just need an excuse to hang around for some photos) or a full-on dinner, this place will be good for either option.

Sweden >> Stockholm

Skybar | Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel, Stockholm

The view isn't exactly breathtaking and doesn't deserve its name in my humble opinion, but it makes a nice backdrop for a drink or two. This bar has excellent Swedish brews on offer but is expensive even for Stockholm.

Singapore 1-Altitude | Raffles Place

Thanks to the many skyscrapers and harbour that shape the skyline, Singapore makes a fabulous city for rooftop bars. Here, you are a guaranteed to have quite the views. I only had 1 full day in Singapore, so my choice fell on 1-Altitude - and oh boy was I happy I did! At 282 metres above sea level, it is the world's highest alfresco bar with the beautiful 360-degree view of the city. There is an entrance fee inclusive of one drink; should it make you hesitant just look at that sunset.

Vietnam >> Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Inn Saigon

Vietnam Inn Saigon is a nine-story hostel with a rooftop bar overlooking the hustle and bustle of the streets. Even though the place is backpacker-oriented, everyone is welcome and you do not need to be staying at the hostel to visit the bar (though guests get 2 free beers every night of their stay).

Plunge (source: Julio S. via Yelp)

USA >> New York Zerzura at Plunge | Hotel Gansevoort

Since last summer, Zerzura, a North African-inspired lounge, has been replacing Plunge Bar + Lounge - as I knew it when I visited back in 2013. Different concepts, same rooftop. The venue boasts the 360-degree view of the Manhattan skyline and the Hudson River while soaking up the best of the Meatpacking district. The strong cocktail game goes without saying.

USA >> Portland Departure Restaurant + Lounge

First and foremost, Departure lives up to Portland's reputation as a major “foodie” destination. This upscale restaurant specialises in Asian fusion cuisine as well as cocktails which are so good that you will probably be put on the waitlist. We thought that wait was worth it and almost didn't notice the view in the meantime - that's how much we savoured our meal!

Russia >> Saint Petersburg SKY Bar | Azimut Hotel

This bar is a real hidden gem - no local I spoke with had heard of it before. I got here right before sunset and watched the city transform to night. Stunning is an understatement! I can't say anything about the food, but my drink was great.

Time Out Bar (source: Resident Advisor)

Russia >> Moscow Time Out | Peking Hotel

Situated in the heart of Moscow, Time Out is very popular among locals and visitors alike, so it can get rather busy (and by that I mean crammed). Either book a table in advance or take a couple of pictures and leave straight away to avoid the wait. The cocktails are alright, but the views are better.

Malaysia >> Kuala Lumpur VIEW Rooftop Bar | G Tower

Kuala Lumpur offers numerous spots for cocktail enthusiasts who appreciate a good view, so I will have to admit this is not the best one as you won't get see the iconic Petronas Towers from here. Apart from that, the view is still nice and the drinks are good. Beware of the strict dress code, i.e. no flip flops or shorts.

New Zealand >> Auckland Sky Tower

Sky Tower houses 3 bars: Sky Café (level 50, 182 metres above), Orbit 360° Dining (level 52, 190 metres above), and The Sugar Club (level 53, 192 metres above) I went to ALL of them, because a) I am ambitious like that, b) 3 drinks is better than one. Each establishment caters to a different occasion, but the views don't differ that much, so it is probably easier to stick to one place.

What are your favourite rooftop bars? Be a sweetheart and share them in the comments below and raise a glass with me to many more to come x

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