Last October I posted about these 13 amazing apps that can assist you before and while travelling. Since then, I have got a new phone and discovered a few more free apps that are helpful and fun, so I thought I would share them with you.

1. Packpoint

This is an app that any traveller could dream of - a custom packing list based on destination, length of travel, weather forecast for the given travel dates, and any planned activities! It takes into consideration everything but from a realistic point of view - I made a test-list for what was my actual New Zealand trip earlier this year, and it was very accurate to what I ended up reaching for. Any list you make will be available on the website, so you can share the link with your travel buddies!

> Operating system? iOS and Android.

2. Roadtrippers

This website-turned-app is what I used to create a real road trip from Vancouver to Calgary (yet to happen), and I was quite impressed by how user-friendly it is. It helps you put together an itinerary including attractions and points of interest, accommodation and camping sites, calculate gas costs and travel time, as well as find similar outlines from fellow road-trippers. Eventually, you will have a realistic plan that you can share with friends and edit it online together. So go get that epic road journey started!

> Operating system? iOS, Android, and there is an amazing desktop version as well.

3. RentalCars

RentalCars is like Skyscanner for car hire: you pick a location and dates, the service shows you what deals are currently offered by brokers like Hertz, Europcar, and many more. It is very easy to compare multiple options so you get the best one available at the moment. In fact, this app came in very handy during the latest road trip with my parents (you can ready about it here), so I recommend it if you want to familiarise yourself with local prices and save a few dollars.

> Operating system? iOS, Android, and a full-on desktop version.

4. Withlocals

Yet another app that tries to bring travellers and residents together, what makes Withlocals different is its peer-to-peer approach. Think of it as the Airbnb for local activities: the service is basically a marketplace where local people offer tours, meals, and other experiences to tourists. Anyone can become a host as long as they have something cool to offer for a certain price, whereas service ambassadors make sure it is a real deal.

> Operating system? iOS, Android, and a full-on desktop version.

5. Localeur

Localeur also wants your experience to be less touristy and more unique by delivering information provided by locals. It is a community where residents share their in-and-outs on best places to eat, drink, and play. Unlike other services that set a platform to collect user reviews, this one actually hires locals to write for them. Their contributors are not professional writers, but they are those who truly “live and breathe” their cities.

> Operating system? iOS, Android, and a full-on desktop version.

6. Hopper

Hopper is a search engine for flights that compares airfares throughout selected periods of time. What makes this app stand out among the many others alike is its very clear interface and simplistic features, plus it tells you whether now is a good time to buy your ticket. In other words, it attempts to predict whether the selected airfare is likely to lower/rise in price any time soon and if switching dates or airports would be cheaper.

> Operating system? iOS only.

7. Airhelp

Nobody likes to get stuck at the airport when your flight is overbooked, delayed or, even worse, cancelled, yet very few travellers know what they are entitled to in this situations. In reality, the latest EU and US regulations mean that passengers can get up to hundreds of euros if they encounter such problems. This service helps you get what you deserve by handling your claim to the airline on a ’No Win, No Fee’ basis, so think twice before you settle for a food voucher!

> Operating system? iOS, Android, and a full-on desktop version.

8. Citymaps

If you are bored of “starring” places on Google Maps and looking for a better visual way of exploring new places, check this app out. Citymaps helps you create a personalised interactive map and travel guide at the same time where you sort pinned places into collections, get recommendations based on your favourites, and see what’s hot around you.

> Operating system? iOS and Android.

9. Polarsteps

I have always looked for a nice travel platform where I could log every leg of a trip and keep notes on what I did in every place. Polarsteps is the best one I have seen so far: it has a minimalistic and sleek interface, it is easy to keep track of your route by adding short stories and snaps, and have a good overview of your journey including some statistical perks. You can also log your previous trips and create your personal world travel map!

> Operating system? iOS, Android, and a full-on desktop version.

10. Gogobot

Gigabot is another tool to explore your destination: from curated lists of what’s on right now to groups of people sharing one passion, it provides both inspiration to get out and practical information on how to get things done. The service boasts a great many of insider tips (over 700,000 reviews) so you are likely to find something that suits your interests.

> Operating system? iOS and Android.

11. Airhelp

This is certainly something you do not want to ever have to use but better safe than sorry! Emergency Phone Numbers - World shows you the emergency numbers for your current location (so keep GPS on). Besides that, I would suggest checking out first aid apps (for example, ICE, iTriage, First Aid) or hazard notifications like Disaster Alert, because it only takes a moment to download them but you never know when you might need it.

> Operating system? iOS only, but there are similar apps available for Android.

12. Postagram

A postcard to your family, friends or even yourself is one of the best souvenirs if you ask me. It is cheap and easy to send one from any corner of the world (there are even post offices on a volcano and underwater these days), but you can also add a personal touch by sending a photo taken on your phone. All you need to do is type up your message, select the addressee and pay $1.99 for the service.

> Operating system? iOS and Android.

Happy travels! x

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